Gale Beth Goldberg

Gale Beth Goldberg

Growing up in the Garden State not far from the Big Apple, my deep roots were in the fertile soil of our neighborhood. Here people cherished and appreciated the relationship of the outdoor and built environment in harmony with its inhabitants.

This awareness continued at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture and graduated with honors. In Vermont, I worked for the Green Mountain National Forest. In Jerusalem, I worked in landscape architectural offices and collaborated with a Peruvian artist to design/build an interactive playground at a pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation hospital. On the Greek island of Ios, I helped build a villa.

After receiving my Master's in Architecture from MIT, I worked for architectural offices both in Boston, MA, and Santa Barbara, CA. More than twenty years ago, I founded GBG Architect and have completed residential, commercial and institutional remodels, additions, and new constructions. I work independently, as a consultant, and in collaboration with artists, interior designers, and architectural colleagues.

My pursuit of ecological and environmental awareness is through bamboo and bamboo architecture, creating sustainable communities, and teaching. I authored the acclaimed book Bamboo Style and several articles about living with bamboo indoors and outdoors. The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts supported my travels to Colombia, South America where I studied bamboo architecture by Simón Vélez and Marcelo Villegas, and wrote the report  Iron Grass, Vegetable Steel.

I have been an active board member of The Sustainability Project, a non-profit dedicated to "inspire change in the built environment of our region in order to improve the quality of life, in harmony with nature, for this and future generations." For nine years I served on the board of the Fund for Santa Barbara promoting progressive social change and co-created the annual fundraising event ‘Bread & Roses’. I continue to volunteer for the Fund. Back to top