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Bamboo is hot!

Reviewer: A reader from New England

Everywhere you look, you see bamboo -- advertising, catalogue goods, book lists. If you have noticed and are intrigued, if you have EVER considered bamboo, then you want BAMBOO STYLE on your bookshelf and in your hands... Read more of this great review!

5 of 5 starsFantastic

Reviewer: Bradford Bueche

Absolutely fantastic book if you are looking for design ideas on for making bamboo furniture, artwork, fences etc... Has an enormous number of high quality pictures. Just tons of great inspiration here! Read more

Lovely book, with lots of inspiration for using bamboo in your home5 of 5 stars
Reviewer: Esther Schindler

...This book provides a great overview of how you can decorate a home with bamboo, inside and out... If you want to start building with bamboo, you should definitely get this book -- it's quite inspiring! Read more

The future is bamboo4 of 5 stars
Reviewer: jmbamboo

...This book does a great job educating the reader about this unique plant. The photographs of the many ways bamboo is utilized in the home and garden are beautiful. This book makes a great gift for the plant lover. Read more



BAMBOO: The Magazine of The American Bamboo Society
    "Book Review"
          by Darrel DeBoer
    "Timeless, Timely Bamboo"
           by Kelly Fenley, The Register-Guard, Eugene, OR.

Santa Barbara News-Press
    "Bamboo to You"
           by Marilyn McMahon

Seattle Times
    "Captivated by the Beauty of Bamboo"
            by Renata Birkenbuel
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