Back Bay Tower

Portland, Maine

The 15-story Back Bay tower was designed to be a significant presence on the Portland skyline and to compliment the rich diversity of the historic city. The terraced and articulated form was developed in conjunction with the city's planning staff.

This 155,000 square foot mixed use urban residential tower provides 116 units of affordable rental housing on a one-acre sloping site. Thirty percent of the units have partial rent assistance under a federal HODAG grant.

The L-shaped building is faced in two colors of native brick, Portland's traditional building material. Commercial space on the ground level is fronted by large, two-story windows. The main entrance which faces the corner, features a two-story glass enclosed lobby with a dramatic curved plan expressed for the tower's full height. A high roof parapet with arched openings screens mechanical equipment. The underground tow-level parking structure is covered with a landscaped plaza which provided recreational amenities. Most units have recessed balconies while some have large terraces resulting from the tower's stepped profile.

Ms. Goldberg was Staff Architect for the office of Sasaki Associates, Watertown, MA Back to Projects