World Headquarters

Wilmington, MA

Converse, now a subsidiary of Nike, is an athletic shoe company that has been making shoes, lifestyle fashion, and athletic apparel since the early 20th century. Their world headquarters office building included a half-court basketball space for research and development. The atrium's Kalwall® translucent skylight panels were arranged in a stepped fashion along the main circulation spine to bring natural light into the 3-story space volume.

When I was in grade school, I begged and pleaded for a pair of high-tops. And when my folks finally gave in ( not understanding why a girl would want a boy's sneaker... ), I was so enamored with my new canvas & rubber high tops, that I slept with them--not on my feet, but on the floor right next to the head of my bed--for weeks and weeks.

Ms. Goldberg was Staff Architect for Sasaki Associates, Watertown, MA Back to Projects