Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial

Atlantic City, NJ

Our team --artist/attorney Jana Zimmer; photographer Barbara Parmet; architectural designer Emma Ramoy; & architect Gale Beth Goldberg-- created this competition entry to further the work of memory by situating the Holocaust as an occurrence in American history.

The proposed Memorial evoked three aspects of the role of the Ship:

• the refugee ships such as the ill-fated M.S. St. Louis, whose Jewish passengers were refused a haven in America in 1939

• the troop ships which transported our soldiers to war and to the searing task of liberating the camps

• and the passenger ships which brought the remnant of survivors to America to begin anew.

Quotations and text which cross-connect these perspectives were stamped on the interior of the hull providing a focus for contemplation from six rows of meditation benches. Eighteen, the Hebrew numerical of 'Life', was repeated in dimensions of the Memorial design components:

• highest point of the Ship's bow

• length and height of the meditation benches

• depth of sea glass stone receptacle/repository

A diverse selection of voices allowed this Memorial to stand both as a witness to our collective past and as a barrier to its repetition in other contexts. Back to Projects