Working diligently with focus to resolve a problem takes focus and concentration.  Dealing with the quantitative tasks can be achieved through segments of time and energy directed specifically towards a solution.

The types of tasks which are tackled and handled fairly straightforwardly in this manner fall under the rubric of quantifiable:

•            balancing a checkbook

•            paying bills

•            measuring cooking ingredients

•            changing engine oil

By Sticking to what’s needed to be accomplished, the likelihood of getting whatever it is done, will be good.

Writing a newspaper of web-posted column, preparing a talk, designing the table layout for a dinner party, composing a song, developing a screenplay–the pathways of such creative endeavors are less straightforward.

They often require research into the subject and backstory to include gathering the ‘knowns’ and figuring out which of the unknowns to include.

Developing the story and choosing the words to tell the story. Making it come together in a way that is exciting, interesting, compelling, and memorable.