How this gets done effectively isn’t always the easiest to do or to explain how it gets done.

Lots of writes, re-writes, deletes, and do-overs are tried– some more successfully than others.

Developing an artistic creation–making ‘something’ from ‘nothing’ takes on its unique character.  Maybe in one, rather lengthy, uninterrupted session where the disparate pieces coalesce and the creator is pleased and satisfied with the results.

But along the way, bumps or obstacles, unevenness and blockages can occur.

They just do.

And what to do?

When the words aren’t coming, the picture doesn’t look right.

When that shape is too ‘this’ or too ‘that’.

What to do?

And the answers just aren’t coming, either.

Take a breather.  Breathe.  Do something entirely different that is enjoyable & focuses your mind’s thoughts elsewhere.

After some time, return to your stuckplace.

It’s likely you’ll find yourself Unstuck!