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Problem-solvers tell of doing something completely different and (seemingly) unrelated to finding the answer to a problem.

What to do?

Go for a bike ride along the beach, a run, a hike in the hills, a walk downtown, or a swim in the lake.

Do some yoga. Dance.

Play a song.  Sing a song.

Go to a movie.

Feed the ducks.

Listen to music.

Tend to the garden.

Make some soup.

Attend a presentation.

Visit a museum.

Almost anything that is different from what you have been doing

and that you like to do and maybe rarely do.

Or that you have yet to do.

Change the venue.

‘Shake it up.’

Shift the perspective.

Distract yourself.

By doing something else, by ‘letting it go’ and directing your mind elsewhere, new synapses/connections may break loose and come together in new ways. The answers or directions or opening up of a different pathway can often more readily occur.

You can return to your earlier endeavor REfreshed and REnewed.


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